About Squirrels Play School

Squirrels are very clever creatures that live in almost every habitat with excellent sensory system. We take pride in our name as we offer a foundation to kids to adapt to every situation in life and learn through all senses (Multiple intelligences). At Squirrels, the children get hands on experience in learning in a caring and joyful environment enriched with values, support and encouragement. We are committed to raising kids with self-confidence, developing their talents and interests and to bring up kids who respect the society and the environment.

The school with its decade-long legacy helps children build a strong base of concepts so that they unveil their own potential and pursue lifelong learning while feeling valued and cherished. We have an ardent set of facilitators and caregivers providing a safe and stimulating milieu for the children in the campus. Our classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with colourful chart work. We have adapted the Next play curriculum as a parameter for the core subjects of Language, Maths and General Awareness to give the child an inspirational experience.

We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others.

Belief in Progressive Education and the Inquiry method

Subject-specific learning centres that can accommodate multiple learning levels

Emphasis on Socio-Emotional Learning

Hands-on learning through Math, Science, Cognitive and Language labs

Specialist Curriculum in Leadership, Art, Music and Movement, Drama, Sports, Library, and Computers

Focus on holistic development and individualized learning by catering to the multiple intelligences of the children

Develop the full potential of children in every aspect, and to enable them to imbibe values and live in peace with themselves and others.