Procedure for Admission

  • Looking at the facility

    This is possible only at 3:15pm, on any working Tuesday or Thursday. Please call us and fix a date and time to look at the facility.

  • Registration

    After touring the facility, you can register by picking up a registration and admission form from the office.

  • Interaction with us

    once you have submitted the filled in forms, you will have an informal interaction with a member of our staff. We expect both parents and the child to be present. Please fix an appointment with us when you come to submit the forms.
    Need Academy will be an ICSE school. We will, however, follow the guidelines prescribed by both the CBSE and ICSE boards to facilitate our children to move into either stream after completion of their primary schooling. We have adapted the XSEED curriculum as a guideline for the core academic subjects and built on it with other specialized programs and learning labs to give children an enriching learning experience.