The first eight years is very important to the development of a child. We at Squirrels check the progress of the students through a developmental milestone that is age appropriate to each class. These developmental milestones are achieved by the children in a supportive and enabling environment provided by the school and the secure relationship the child has with the teachers. We follow the CBSE curriculum in the classroom. We use the Next Play books from Next Education which are designed to take the child through concept understanding. Our teachers follow the dual language method in the classroom where the concepts are taught in mother tongue(Tamil) and English to the children as children in that age group can freely express their thoughts and feelings in their home language. The school also uses Montessori material and teacher made TLM to impart the concepts to the children. A day is filled with class time, rhyme time, play time, story time, concept time and work time. Speech and language therapy is provided for students who require therapy.